IUG BioVitalSpace
BioVitalSpace schützt Sie
vor negativen Energien
und Energieverlust.
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30ml.Spraybottle (empty)

1ml (1/30th of an ounce) Phial (empty)
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1ml (1/30th of an ounce) Phial (empty)

Price per Unit (Stück): €1,25 (including 21 % tax)

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The small 1ml. phial (1/30th of an ounce) can be carried in the pocket or worn as pendant. You fill it from a 10 or 30ml. bottle.

The emanation of the liquid contained in the transparent phial produces aa protective energyfield around the wearer.It radiaes in all directions,protecting the wearer with an invisible shield covering 3 meters in all directions.Negative energies can no longer penetrate this protectes space. Mentioning just a few of those harmful sources of negative energies causing considerable elctromagnetic stress we can name mobile phones,electrical and electronic equipment,computers,radras,satelites,television sets,wiifi and more.
We therefore warmly recommend you to carry always a phial with the essence either in your pocket or in a pendant.At night simply place it close to your bed.