IUG BioVitalSpace
BioVitalSpace schützt Sie
vor negativen Energien
und Energieverlust.

How should you use it?


A. To benefit from your protective shield you should wear a small phial of 1 ml which you fill from a 10 ml stock bottle. The radiance from the liquid in the phial provides a protective shield covering a space going out 3 meters in all directions so that negative energy cannot penetrate inside this space.

So that you can understand and appreciate the vibratory effect of the liquid we have made a Kirlian photography of a coin (Kirlian photography is a technology which makes it possible for the eye to see the manifestation of invisible energies). You may appreciate that the radiance of the coin is not harmonious, most likely due to vibrations emitted by persons that hold the coin in their hands and transferred obviously without knowing, some negative energy to the coin. This is being demonstrated thanks to the technology of Kirlian photography.




A television set is another modern technological tool permitting to see the result of invisible frequences sent out by the television station.

This should be an eyeopener allowing you to make the right decision for your protection. The second Kirlian photograph is the one of the coin on which we have placed a drop of IUG Bio-Vital-Space. You can appreciate that the energy field surrounding the coin became totally harmonised and that the coin itself radiates positively and above all that the field is perfectly closed so that external influences cannot penetrate and harm. These photographs show clearly that you also can benefit from the radiance of a phial filled with IUG Bio-Vital-Space.

B. Another way of using Bio-Vital-Space is to mix one drop with 3 drops of oil and a teaspoon of spring water to massage the spine for a few minutes, you will notice immediately the calming effect, as you get the benefit of the protective shield stopping immediately any possible loss of energy.Your protection is a precious ally, carry it on you and place it next to your bed at night.

C. You can still benefit in another way by making a dilution of IUG Bio-Vital-Space in a spraybottle, all you need is to take 15 drops from the 10 ml bottle and fill it up with spring water (volvic or another good spring water). You then place the pump on the bottle, and shake it 10 times and you will be able to spray 300 times. It is helpful to spray the area where you work once a day and at night the place where you sleep so that any source of geopathic stress be neutralised. If you are on the phone and if the person you are speaking to is unpleasant you just need to spray once the phone you hold in your hands with the spraybottle and a protective shield will be formed between you and the person you speak to. You are energetically out of reach, any possible negativity will not affect you. You will even notice that the other person changes his or her attitude at once.

Comparison: In the same way that the oilfilter of a car has to be exchanged for a new one after a certain amount of kilometers, because little by little impurities are being absorbed and the effectiveness is no longer ideal, the small phial of IUG Bio-Vital-Space loses in time gradually some of its protective radiance from the environment after a few months use in the transparent phial.This is what would happen if you were to use the liquid for 2 or 3 months without emptying and refilling from the 10 ml stock bottle.

Advice: This is why we advise you to empty the phial every month and to fill it up (without diluting) from the 10 ml stock bottle.