IUG BioVitalSpace
BioVitalSpace schützt Sie
vor negativen Energien
und Energieverlust.

Why is Bio-Vital-Space necessary even indispensable?


Bio-Vital-Space is the ideal solution to avoid losses of energy in the environment – a simple kinesiological test will convince you.

a) All of us are influenced by surrounding vibrations. All living beings, as well as objects emit vibrations and absorb some. This vibratory frequencies penetrate our vital space and affect our level of energy and health. Modern lifestyles are responsible for an increasingly poor level of energy depleting our health, causing in time irreversible dangers to our immune system, bringing about diseases in the physical body.

b) Never before throughout history has Mankind been so heavily subjected to electromagnetic stress: electrical and electronic appliances, mobile phones, computers, engines, television screens, radars, satellites, nuclear power stations, nothing of this existed as close as fifty years ago. Current day diseases are more and more insidious, and despite technological progress we are rarely able to treat the root and cause of our energetic imbalances.

c) We know that in the professions certain people are more endangered than others, especially therapists, policemen, teachers, judges; as a rule everyone having many contacts with other people. With or without realising it energy is being sucked away.

d) Thats why Bio-Vital-Space is essential. Since 25 years we provide it to the public. This BioLithoEnergy has always demonstrated its extraordinary effectiveness, it protects you like a shield. We receive constantly all kind of testimonies from people like you for whom it has changed their life.