IUG BioVitalSpace
BioVitalSpace schützt Sie
vor negativen Energien
und Energieverlust.

Which is the origin of Bio-Vital-Space and what is its purpose?


IUG Bio-Vital-Space has been created thanks to the discovery of a meteorite offering unique features.

IUG Bio-Vital-Space is made from a series of Biolithotherapeutic IUG essences, generating around the person carrying a phial of it, a magnetic field forming an invisible shield (2 to 3 meters around the body) protecting the wearer from all types of electromagnetic stress, geopathic stress arising from negative ley lines like underground streams, mineral and oil deposits, caves and mines and Curry and Hartmann grids.

It protects as well the wearer from all other negative physical and psychic energies. The stealing of energy is rampant as it never was during the course of history. This is why so many people feel exhausted.